3,000 patients may have died needlessly in just one year at the 14 hospital trusts being investigated over death rates

3,000 patients may have died needlessly in just one year at the 14 hospital trusts being investigated over death rates Blackpool Teaching Hospital Trust had 410 more deaths than expected Officials say data is ‘experimental’ and figures only act as ‘smoke alarm’NHS England said trusts in question would be visited by a team of experts . The trusts had a combined total of almost 1,500 more deaths than expected in 2011 to 2012 – according to the figures.

Marks and Spencer reeling over "poor quality" fashion slump as chief executive faces pressure to stop the rot

Marks and Spencer reeling over 'poor quality' fashion slump as chief executive faces pressure to stop the rot Chief executive Marc Bolland will be under great pressure from shareholdersThe group is set to report quarterly sales down 4.5 per cent By Simon Watkins and Sam Masters PUBLISHED: 23:27 GMT, 6 April 2013 | UPDATED: 09:04 GMT, 7 April 2013 Marks & Spencer is reeling from a strategy disaster of poor-quality clothes aimed at the wrong customers, critics have warned, as the store prepares to register a slump in fashion sales. Fashion-watchers, rivals and shoppers insisted the group needed to abandon cheap products and aim squarely at Britain’s aspiring middle-class women or risk losing ground

British grandmother Jackie Meacock poses for a snapshot with her children. Hours later she ended her life at Dignitas

'Our mother's last supper': How hours after British gran posed for this photo with her grown-up children she ended her life at Dignitas suicide clinic and why they have no regretsJackie Meacock suffered from dystonia – an incurable nerve conditionLife had become unbearable – driving was impossible and even a shopping trip ended in her giving up in tears after half an hourThe grandmother of nine paid 10,000 to end her life at the Swiss clinic she was on daily painkillers, including liquid morphine. As the months progressed, she could do less and less.

Chocolate, the treat we can"t do without: Sales stay at same level despite recession

Chocolate, the treat we can't do without: Sales stay at same level despite recessionMarket research firm Mintel believes that low cost treats will help fuel consumer spendingChocolate is recession proof because we turn to it as a treat By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 23:41 GMT, 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 02:47 GMT, 15 January 2013 We may be cutting back in all sorts of ways to survive the economic downturn but it seems there is one thing we can’t do without – chocolate. Sales have held up throughout the hard times of the last few years and will continue to do so in coming years, experts say

Britain"s Got Talent winning dog Pudsey meets siblings for the first time since they were pups

Pudsey's pup parade: Dancing dog in first reunion with all his brothers and sistersCelebrity dog joined siblings Hero, Toggle, Kez, Piper and BeckyTogether for first time since puppies and celebrate birthday on FridayBritain's Got Talent winning dog took break from busy schedule | UPDATED: 23:07 GMT, 25 December 2012 If there were ever any doubts that showing off is in Pudsey the dancing dog’s blood, this family picture should dispel them.

Les bells! Les bells! Notre Dame set to chime out a fresh sound for its 850th birthday

The bells! The bells! How expert craftsmen are ensuring Notre Dame Cathedral's 850th birthday celebrations go with a BONG Many of the original bells were looted during the French RevolutionIt is thought the looted bells were melted down to make cannon ballsMedieval foundry in Normandy tasked with making new bells | UPDATED: 11:12 GMT, 15 December 2012 A French bell foundry in Normandy has cast the final bronze bell of eight huge replacements bound for the north tower of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The bell, called Anne-Genevieve, was cast using medieval methods at Cornille Havard in Villedieu-les-Poeles on Friday. The 12th-century Gothic cathedral will inaugurate its set of nine new bells in February, one of the highlights in a series of events marking the beginning of the cathedral's 850th anniversary.

That"s hen-tertainment! Pin-up calendar for hens featuring ruffled roosters and cool cockerels meant to improve egg quality

That's hen-tertainment! Pin-up calendar for hens featuring ruffled roosters and cool cockerels meant to improve egg quality | UPDATED: 21:17 GMT, 9 December 2012 Rugged exterior and cocky poses are a given for pinup-calendars, however these models are a whole new breed as they prance for photographs for the world's first calendar for hens.

Kate Middleton pregnant: Security scare as Australian radio DJs dupe nurse into giving out medical details

How could they fall for this hoax Hospital gives Kate's private details to Aussie DJ who was impersonating Queen Extraordinary call by 2Day FM presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian The duo phoned King Edward VII Hospital in central London yesterday Hospital confirms incident and calls it a 'foolish and deplorable prank call'Radio station spokesman: 'We apologise for any inconvenience caused' Australian media regulator: 'Privacy is an issue that we take seriously'Queen's former press secretary: 'It's shocking – where were the checks'Radio duo: 'We thought they'd hang up after hearing our terrible accents'Prank call pre-recorded and vetted by lawyers before broadcast in SydneyCare Quality Commission: 'Our inspection team have been made aware' Same radio station forced girl, 14, into revealing live on air she was raped | UPDATED: 08:36 GMT, 6 December 2012 The exclusive private hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge was duped into airing confidential information about her pregnancy in an amateurish hoax by an Australian radio station yesterday. Two giggling DJs phoned King Edward VII Hospital’s switchboard at 5.30am pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

Hundreds of GP"s surgeries "are too cramped and not fit for purpose"

Hundreds of GP’s surgeries ‘are too cramped and not fit for purpose’ Some found to have inadequate heating and insufficient easy-access facilities for elderly or disabled patientsKings Fund report said 'major' improvements were needed to cope with higher patient numbers | UPDATED: 07:56 GMT, 6 December 2012 Hundreds of doctors’ surgeries are too cramped and ‘not fit for purpose’, a report warns. Rooms in some are so close together that patients worry that confidential discussions can be overheard in the waiting area.