Inflation index "has cheated us for years": Annual increase in bills has been linked to inaccurate figures

Inflation index 'has cheated us for years': Annual increase in bills has been linked to inaccurate figures ONS admitted its Retail Prices Index measure was 'inadequate'RPI dictates how much Britons' household bills go up each yearThe measure has been swapped for the 'improved' RPIJ, said ONS .

Profits up 11% but British Gas plans another price increase… as bosses line up a 10m windfall

British Gas under fire for raking in 50 profit per household just months after hiking bills… and the boss looks forward to walking away with 10m Company profits for 2012 have soared to 606million But price rises for 12million customers could come as early as next winterShadow Energy Secretary says market too dominated by 'big six' firmsCaroline Flint called for tough regulation so public don't feel 'manipulated'Campaigners say consumers feel 'resentment and dread' as bills still rise will be used to help fund a 10million package in pay, shares and pension pot for departing boss Phil Bentley, who will leave the business in June.

Forcing newspapers under state control would be illegal, says Leveson adviser

Forcing newspapers under state control would be illegal, says Leveson adviser as it's revealed three warned him not to consider compulsory regulationShami Chakrabati says law forcing papers to sign up to regulator is illegalEx-Channel Four News political editor Elinor Goodman and former Daily Telegraph political editor George Jones both said law was unnecessaryThe two advisors to Leveson believe editors will sign up voluntarily | UPDATED: 10:28 GMT, 3 December 2012 Three of the six independent advisers to Lord Justice Leveson warned him not to consider compulsory state regulation of the Press, it emerged last night. Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights group Liberty, said she had serious concerns about the idea floated by the judge to force newspapers to sign up to a new regulator by law if they refused to do so voluntarily.

Leveson Report: Labour now says state media watchdog Ofcom might not be right to oversee new controls on the Press

Ed Miliband backtracks on Leveson Report: Labour drops call for government watchdog Ofcom to oversee new Press rules (only a DAY after supporting 'entire' review) Yesterday Labour leader Ed Miliband said broadcasting regulator Ofcom is the 'right body' to verify independent press bodyToday deputy leader Harriet Harman says it need 'not necessarily' be OfcomTory and Lib Dem leaders both oppose involving quango Ofcom in regulation and a call to impose tougher data protection rules on journalists | UPDATED: 17:20 GMT, 30 November 2012 . When Mr Miliband spoke, he was heard in complete silence. He was hot for everything suggested by Lord Justice Brian Ed Miliband is preparing to drop his backing for Lord Leveson’s plan for broadcasting watchdog Ofcom to oversee the regulation of the press

How Leveson would restrain the Press: "Independent regulator" would police newspapers with Ofcom

How he would restrain the Press: ‘Independent regulator’ would police newspapers – with Ofcom as enforcerRole for Ofcom was rejected by David Cameron 90 mins after Leveson proposals were publishedHe told MPs that the head of the broadcast regulator was appointed by ministers – putting politicians too close to regulation of Press'Independent regulator' would set standards and rules for the PressNewspapers could be hit with 1m fine for breaching new code | UPDATED: 10:08 GMT, 30 November 2012 The media watchdog Ofcom would play a key role under Lord Justice Leveson’s plan for a new independent regulatory body. The quango – run by Ed Richards, a former member of Tony Blair’s policy unit – would act as a ‘backstop’ regulator if publishers refused to sign up to the new body