Christian retreat ordered to pay 43,000 to Sadia Raza for bullying

'Is that how they run hotels in Pakistan' Bullying Christian retreat manager to pay 43,000 to Asian former housekeeper Single mother Sadia Raza, 49, was bullied by manager Graham HollandHe said if he dropped a cheescake 'Sadia will lick it up off the floor'Tribunal rules the single mother, who earned 93 a week, was victimisedShe says Mr Holland's behaviour was 'hardly Christian-like' .

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012: Channel 4 board refuses to respond to viewers" fury over obscene quiz

Channel 4 refuses to respond to viewers' outcry and repeats its obscene quizComedy panel show featured vile sexual slurs minutes after 9pm watershedTelevision watchdog received at least 140 complaints about quiz's contentOfcom under pressure to investigate why programme aired during holidaysBoth Channel 4 and members of the board have so far refused to comment last night despite hundreds of complaints about its vile jokes. The panel show, presented by Jimmy Carr, caused outrage when it was first shown on Sunday. It featured comedian Jack Whitehall and actor James Corden apparently getting drunk as they made lewd jokes about the Queen, Barack Obama, Usain Bolt and Susan Boyle.

"Met police officer compared black men to chimpanzees and told colleague they lived in mud huts during racist banter on patrol"

'Racist Met police officer compared black men to chimpanzees and said they lived in mud huts' PC Kevin Hughes allegedly directed racist comments at members of the public while on patrol Fellow PC David Hair 'asked black colleague if she was going home to cook bananas'Officers were suspended in April following complaints from other PCs | UPDATED: 23:56 GMT, 26 November 2012 A police officer told colleagues ‘all black people look like monkeys’, a court heard yesterday.