Topshop assistant, 24, discovers "harmless lump" is actually rare cancer with only 30 cases in the world

Topshop assistant, 24, horrified after 'harmless' scalp lump turns out to be one in 200m cancer Three doctors told Rhianna that the growing lump on her scalp was harmlessAfter it was removed, she was told it was a very rare form of bone cancer affecting just 25 to 30 people worldwideRhianna has been given 3,000 NHS funding to freeze nine of her eggs as her treatment could cause infertility | UPDATED: 16:43 GMT, 28 November 2012 A young woman saw a mystery tiny spot on her head grow to the size of a golf ball – and discovered it was a rare cancer with only 30 cases in the world. Rhianna Thomas, 24, was told by three different doctors it was just a harmless lump on her scalp