RBS traders joked about fixing lending rates in exchange for sex and sushi, landing bank with 400million fine

'It’s up and down like a whore’s drawers!' RBS trader’s boast as he fixed bank lending ratesVince Cable wants power to grant loans back in hands of bank managersBusiness Secretary calling for action to reverse decline in lending to SMEsWill demand banks publish details of how much and where they lendCable is due to make a speech at Bloomberg offices in central London bonus and long-term incentive shares.

60 "drug crazed" teenagers trash 3 bedroom home after sleepover

Mother's dismay as 60 'drug-crazed' teenagers trash home after girls' pizza-and-movie sleepover for three spirals out of controlSam Mabbott's daughter, 16, invited two friends over for a 'girls' night in'Night descended into chaos when word spread around their collegeYobs urinated on bedding and smashed holes in ceilings causing 20,000 of damageDrugs were also found in the rented house | UPDATED: 22:23 GMT, 20 December 2012 Dozens of drug-crazed vandals trashed a house when they gatecrashed a teenage girl's sleepover – intended for just two close friends. Sixteen-year-old Amey Holmes-Evans, had invited friends over for a 'girls' night in' complete with pizza and a film to celebrate one of them turning 17