Danny Boyle on turning down a knighthood and how he persuaded the Queen to join in the Olympic fun

'I almost quit Olympics over rooftop missiles': Danny Boyle's outrage over decision to mount weapons on East London towerblocks and how he persuaded the Queen to join in the fun , he was most famous for directing Ewan McGregor as a heroin addict in Trainspotting and for Slumdog Millionaire winning eight Oscars. After the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, though, the people of Britain unanimously awarded him a gold medal. In this, his first major interview since those heady days last summer when he made us proud to be British, Boyle reveals how he turned down a knighthood and how close he was to walking away from the opening ceremony

Is Amazon building a smartphone? Rumours claim Kindle handset could launch within months

Is Amazon building a smartphone Rumours claim Kindle handset set to launch next yearFirm believed to have signed deal with iPhone maker Foxconn for the gadgetCould run same modified version of Google's Android software as the Fire tabletComes as Amazon boss Jeff Bezos patents airbag protection system for mobiles | UPDATED: 12:18 GMT, 18 December 2012 Amazon is rumoured to be launching a smartphone next year to take on Apple and Google. The firm is believed to have signed a deal with Foxconn, who also make Apple's iPhone, for five million phones to be delivered late next year. The firm has long been rumoured to be developing 'Kindle phone' to complement its line of e-readers and tablets

Kate Middleton pregnant: Could Royal baby make wedding anniversary present? Birth could be as soon as April (so now we know what Wills and Kate were…

Could Royal baby make wedding anniversary present Birth could be as soon as April (so now we know what Wills and Kate were REALLY doing after topless photos were published)Baby can't have been conceived in France where topless photos were takenAs Duchess is less than 12 weeks pregnant, the baby could have been conceived during Kate and William's tour of the Far East in mid-September | UPDATED: 22:31 GMT, 3 December 2012 The Duke and Duchess could be welcoming their new baby as early as the end of April, marking the second anniversary of their marriage.

Osbourne"s plan to freeze welfare payments in crisis after rumors of Lib Dem veto

Osborne's plan to freeze welfare payments in crisis after rumours of Lib Dem veto | UPDATED: 04:29 GMT, 2 December 2012 George Osborne was fighting a rearguard action last night to force through a freeze in welfare payments amid reports that the move has been vetoed by Liberal Democrat Cabinet colleagues Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. Government sources say the Chancellor could announce that the dole and other state handouts may go up by more than one per cent – close to the rise in earnings – after the Lib Dems claimed a freeze would be ‘cruel’ to the poor. It would mean he would save only half the 4 billion he had hoped to get over the next two years to help dig the UK out of the red.