Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner"s phone call to Justin Divaris after "shooting dead Reeva Steenkamp"

Was Reeva's skull crushed with bloodied cricket bat 'found' at Blade Runner's House Horrific new claims about model's death South African police reportedly found a bloodied cricket bat at his homeAthlete's best friend claims Pistorius called him moments after shooting Reeva Steenkamp, 29, had been dating Oscar Pistorious since November She was shot dead on Valentine’s Day at his gated mansion in South Africa 'There is no hatred in our hearts' says model's father Barry SteenkampRumours about Springbok Francois Hougaard's friendship with Miss Steenkamp have been rubbished by the rugby player's agent Olympics and Paralympics last year” class=”blkBorder” /> Blade Runner: Pistorius ran in both the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics last year Some in South Africa have speculated about the nature of Miss Steenkamp’s friendship with Springbok rugby player Francois Hougaard, and whether this played a part in the tragedy. The 24-year-old was keen to distance himself from such reports at the weekend.

Blade Runner victim"s father: There isn"t any hatred in our hearts

'We don't hate Oscar': Father of Blade Runner's girlfriend speaks out for first time since her death and says 'we have no hate in our hearts'Barry Steenkamp said he was struggling ‘to find some reason why this happened to our lovely daughter’Reeva Steenkamp, 29, had been dating Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorious, a double-amputee known as the Blade Runner, since November She was shot dead in the early hours of Valentine’s Day at his gated mansion in Pretoria By Barbara Jones PUBLISHED: 22:56 GMT, 16 February 2013 | UPDATED: 00:09 GMT, 17 February 2013 Barry Steenkamp said he was struggling 'to find some reason why this happened to our lovely daughter' The father of the South African model allegedly murdered by Oscar Pistorius spoke movingly yesterday of his family’s grief – and said he bore the athlete no animosity. In an emotional interview with The Mail on Sunday, Barry Steenkamp said he was struggling ‘to find some reason why this happened to our lovely daughter’. Pistorius broke down in tears in court when he was formally charged with Reeva Steenkamp’s premeditated murder and Mr Steenkamp said: ‘He must be going through things that we don’t know about.

Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner"s meteoric rise – and his bitterness after London 2012

A ladies’ man who cures his insomnia with nights on the gun range: Blade Runner’s meteoric rise – and his bitterness after London 2012 He visits South African gun range with his 9mm pistol when he can't sleepPistorius got his biblical shoulder tattoo on a whim at 2am After Paralympics he threatened to break legs of man linked to ex-girlfriendHe was linked to various women while dating ex-girlfriend Samantha TaylorAfter break-up she said: 'Oscar is certainly not what people think he is'In 2008 he broke ribs and had 172 stitches in face after crashing power boat Pistorius now charged with murder of FHM model Reeva Steenkamp ” class=”blkBorder” /> Oscar Pistorius after winning his gold medal at the Paralympic games in 2012. He is the world's most famous Paralympian and first to compete in able-bodied Olympics It's a dog's life: Pistorius at his house in Pretoria with his dogs Enzo (right) and Silo (left) Oscar Pistorius' legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old Pistorius was born 26 years ago into a prominent family in Pretoria without fibulas, the outer of the bones that run between the knee and the ankle. His parents, Sheila and Henke, grappled with information, complied with doctors’ advice, and at 11 months his legs were amputated below the knee.

BREAKING NEWS: Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius being questioned by police after his girlfriend was found shot dead in his home

BREAKING NEWS: Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius arrested after 'he accidentally shot dead his girlfriend at his South Africa home after mistaking her for a burglar'Incident happened on his Pretoria farm, north-east of Johannesburg at 4am Dead woman believed to be former FHM model Reeva Steenkamp She was shot several times in the head, chest and the armPistorius believed to have told police he thought she was an intruderMedia reporting it could have been a Valentine's Day surprise gone wrong . The body of the woman has been removed from his house and the athlete is being questioned