Deathbed dream puzzles of renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa finally solved – 100 years after he died

Deathbed theory dreamt by an Indian maths genius is finally proved correct – almost 100 years after he died Theory came to Srinivasa Ramanujan in a dream on his deathbed in 1920 – but has never been provedDiscovery could now be used to explain the behaviour of parts of a black hole | UPDATED: 12:09 GMT, 29 December 2012 Srinivasa Ramanujan, described as a 'natural genius', has finally had the mathematical functions he came up with on his deathbed proved correct Researchers have finally solved the cryptic deathbed puzzle renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan claimed came to him in dreams. While on his death-bed in 1920, Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor, English mathematician G. H.

BBC told to put more gay presenters and characters on children"s TV to "familiarise" young people with different sexualities

BBC told to put more gay presenters on children's TV to 'familiarise' youngsters with different sexualitiesStudy said gay presenters would 'validate' the feelings of gay children It said this was important for young people in their ' formative years'Report said BBC News gave too much time to 'homophobic' viewpointsIt also recommended having more gay characters in dramas and soaps By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 09:16 GMT, 14 December 2012 | UPDATED: 21:59 GMT, 14 December 2012 BBC children's programmes should include more lesbian, gay and bisexual people, a report of the corporation recommends. A panel of nine experts said youngsters should be introduced to sexual diversity in their early years

Bread that stays mould-free for two months: American company Microzap uses microwave technology to kill spores that lead to mould

Scientists use their loaf to invent way of keeping bread mould-free for two MONTHSMicrowave technology can kill the spores that lead to mouldAmerican company believes technology could end food wastage Almost one-in-three loaves in the UK is thrown in the bin | UPDATED: 01:03 GMT, 1 December 2012 Scroll down for video Going to waste: An American company says it has developed a technique to keep bread mould-free for two months. It uses microwave technology to kill mould-forming spores With a third of bread bought by the British public ending up in the bin, one company has used its loaf…to develop a technique that keeps the mould away for two months. Scientists claim to have developed a microwave technique which sterilises food without cooking, helping to extend its shelf-life and minimise the use of preservatives.