MI6 spy found dead in bag "DID lock himself in holdall" say police as they claim codebreaker was responsible for his own death

MI6 spy found dead in bag 'DID lock himself in holdall' say police as they claim codebreaker was responsible for his own death Investigation finds Gareth Williams could have locked himself in bagCoroner claimed that someone else must have been involved with deathCodebreaker found dead in bathtub in central London flat in August 2010 | UPDATED: 11:00 GMT, 27 December 2012 Mystery: Codebreaker Gareth Williams was found dead in his London flat in August 2010 The MI6 codebreaker who was found dead inside a holdall probably locked himself inside the bag, according to police. An inquest into the death of Gareth Williams found that he could have been the victim of foul play, as the coroner expressed doubts that he could have locked the bag himself. However, Scotland Yard detectives investigating the case discovered that it is possible to lock the type of holdall he was found in from the inside, and now say it is likely that no one else was involved in Mr Williams' death

Holloway Road attack: Man, 25, arrested after woman seriously hurt in "unprovoked" sword attack on north London street

Hunting knives, gas mask, crossbow and mallet: Terrifying haul of weapons 'found on man who attacked woman in the street with 2ft-long samurai sword' Woman is seriously hurt in random sword attack in north London early this morningA man was found at the scene with swords, a cross bow, hunting knives and a gas maskThe 25-year-old is currently being questioned by detectivesPolice today praised a lone officer who bravely tackled the man Local residents described hearing the woman scream 'like an animal' | UPDATED: 17:58 GMT, 24 December 2012 A man armed with a Samurai sword, a cross bow and several hunting knives has been arrested after a woman was seriously hurt in a random street attack this morning. Residents living close to the scene in Holloway Road, north London, described hearing the woman screaming 'like an animal' as she was slashed repeatedly with a two foot long sword.

"A football was kicked out of our trenches and we played the Germans": Previously unseen letter from Clement Barker recounting World War One…

'A football was kicked out of our trenches and we played the Germans': Poignant letter recounting famous 1914 Christmas Day truce rediscovered nearly 100 years on A letter from Staff Sergeant Clement Baker describes the famous truceSgt Clement Barker sent the letter four days after Christmas 1914Letter details how German messenger brokered truce on Christmas Eve | UPDATED: 13:43 GMT, 23 December 2012 A previously-unseen letter which describes the legendary football match of the Christmas Day truce during the First World War has been discovered. The letter was sent by staff sergeant Clement Barker four days after Christmas 1914, when the British and German troops famously emerged from their trenches in peace

Widower of woman who died within hours of eating a curry denies poisoning his wife

Widower of woman who died within hours of eating a curry 'after learning of his secret family in Pakistan' denies poisoning his wifeLurdes Lopes died at St Mary's hospital after complaining about toothacheCCTV footage from the day show 'suspicious' behaviour after she ate curryMrs Lopes had told friends her husband abused her and that he would kill her if she asked for a divorceHusband Sardar Khan was questioned by a coroner | UPDATED: 15:24 GMT, 18 December 2012 The husband of a woman who died hours after eating a curry, was forced to deny that he poisoned his wife's lunch during an inquest into her death. Lurdes Lopes, 35, who died last year shortly after arriving at a London hospital complaining about toothache, had acted 'suspiciously' following her re-heated curry lunch, CCTV footage from her workplace showed

"Hit Jerry"s panzers here"… code on dead wartime pigeon is cracked

'Hit Jerry's panzers here'… code on dead wartime pigeon is crackedWartime code-breaking analysts and experts from GCHQ had been left stumped by the 1944 messageThe despatch, sent by 27-year-old Sergeant William Stott, identified German troop and tank positions in Normandy | UPDATED: 22:41 GMT, 15 December 2012 Code: David Martin who originally found the message when renovating his Surrey home It was the Second World War code no one could crack – a message from 1944 found decades later attached to a dead carrier pigeon in a fireplace

SAS hero Sgt Danny Nightingale wins fight to be at home but now he wants return to frontline

SAS hero wins fight to be at home with family but now he wants return to frontline Sergeant Danny Nightingale was jailed for 18 months for illegally possessing a pistol and ammunitionAppeal Court reduced sentence to 12 months suspended – allowing him to return homeSoldier could be deployed to Helmand if he rejoins Duke of Lancashire's Regiment | UPDATED: 08:53 GMT, 3 December 2012 SAS sniper Sergeant Danny Nightingale could be back on the Afghan frontline within months. He is determined to return to the Special Forces regiment after winning a legal battle last week.