Shocking moment 33-ton shark tank burst in shopping centre injuring 15 people as it sent shards of broken glass flying into a crowd

Caught on camera: Moment 33-ton aquarium bursts in shopping centre, showering crowds with LIVE SHARKS and shards of glass | UPDATED: 08:43 GMT, 27 December 2012 This is the shocking moment a 33-ton glass shark tank suddenly burst leaving 15 people injured by flying shards of broken glass and a torrent of water. The tank was an attraction at the entrance to the Shanghai Orient shopping centre in China's second city when it shattered without warning on December 19. Eight of those hurt were customers and the rest were shop assistants and security staff.

Didier Drogba buys tacky rings for Chelsea team-mates as he hosts Champions League party

Wealthy Drogba splashes the cash and reminds his old Chelsea team-mates of the time when they were European heroes (in the week they went out of the competition) | UPDATED: 13:37 GMT, 7 December 2012 Didier Drogba has paid around 800,000 for a set of exclusive rings to commemorate Chelsea's Champions League victory – in the same week they were bundled out of this season's competition. The cost is around three weeks' money for the Ivory Coast striker, who earns 250,000-a-week in China playing for Shanghai Shenhua, where he moved in the summer. Chelsea's Champions League matchwinning hero hosted a dinner in honour of the night last May when he secured the title