Haribo gummy bears used by Johannes Cordes to make artwork

You're on candied camera! Amazing portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Mona Lisa made out of GUMMY BEARS | UPDATED: 22:23 GMT, 24 December 2012 Through the ages, artists have created pictures in many different ways – but Johannes Cordes has had sweet success with a very unusual technique.

On a diet? Filling up on fruit and vegetables WON"T trick you into eating less

On a diet Filling up on fruit and vegetables WON'T trick you into eating lessBeing on a fruit- and vegetable-heavy diet made no long-term difference to fullness, researchers foundAdding fruit juice before meals actually boosted hunger and weight gain It goes against the theory that people should 'fill up' on lots of fruit and veg to help them feel full for longer | UPDATED: 16:24 GMT, 3 December 2012 The dieters among us are often advised to fill our plates up with fruit and vegetables at meal times to avoid gobbling down calorie laden fare later in the day.