Abu Hamza"s son calls for holy war while praying in London mosque in series of jihadist-style videos

Like bigoted ranting father… like bigoted ranting son: Abu Hamza's son captured on video calling for holy war while praying in London mosque Uthman Mustafa Kamal has built up a following at the An-Noor mosqueHead of London mosque accepted speeches could be used by extremistsKamal is the second-youngest son of notorious hate preacher Abu HamzaQuilliam Foundation: 'One video twists the meaning of the Qur'anic verses' By Arthur Martin and Paul Bracchi PUBLISHED: 17:05 GMT, 19 March 2013 | UPDATED: 00:59 GMT, 20 March 2013 Abu Hamza's son has given vitriolic sermons in which he calls for a holy war and backs a Pakistani mother who tried to kill US agents. Othman Mustafa Kamal, 24, urged followers at a London mosque to 'destroy' the enemies of 'mujahids', who are holy warriors.


She just keeps on smiling: Bravery of schoolgirl who lost her foot after being attacked by her own pet dog Milly-Anne Hemley, 10, was attacked by pet Staffordshire bull terrier Rory at her home in NorthamptonshireSurgeons battled for two hours to save her damaged limb, but were eventually forced to amputate her foot and the lower part of her right leg By Kerry Mcdermott PUBLISHED: 02:33 GMT, 17 January 2013 | UPDATED: 02:33 GMT, 17 January 2013 'Keep smiling': Milly-Anne lost her foot after she was attacked by family pet Rory A brave schoolgirl who was forced to have her foot amputated after she was savagely attacked by her own pet dog has told how she is determined to 'keep smiling' despite her ordeal. Milly-Anne Hemley, 10, was so badly injured when Staffordshire bull terrier Rory turned on her out of the blue that surgeons had to remove her foot and the lower part of her right leg

French hostage killed by Somali militants during botched rescue mission

Two French commandos killed and hostage murdered by captors after daring helicopter raid on Somali militants ends in disaster Militant group al-Shabab had held French soldier Denis Allex since 2009French spies stormed house after arriving in five helicoptersThree civilians and 17 Islamists also killed during fire fight Operation came hours after pilot died during French attacks on Malian militants , looking gaunt, he sent a video message to new President Francois Hollande, telling how his hopes of a rescue were fading by the day. He calls on France to drop its 'oppressive attitude' towards Muslims and says Mr Hollande represented his last hope of rescue. Poignantly, he adds: 'I am alive.

Pregnant war veteran took daughter, 7, on 170,000 European heroin run so she could pretend they had been to Disneyland

Pregnant ex-soldier, 25, took daughter, 7, on 170,000 heroin run to Europe in plot to dupe Customs they had visited Disneyland Naomi Thriepland, 25, was jailed for four years and will have a baby in prisonMother was caught by customs crossing the Channel with 3.4kg of heroin and her child Aiesha beside her She told officials she had been to Disneyland Paris, but in fact was in Amsterdam collecting the drugsFormer soldier served in Iraq and Afghanistan but quit to spend time with her daughter . Despite denying she made previous drugs runs to Europe, Thriepland admitted she had made a 'dummy run' a month earlier

The "murder and mayhem" squad: Shocking new revelations by former undercover soldier who carried out "shoot first, ask questions…

The 'murder and mayhem' squad: Shocking new revelations by former undercover soldier who carried out 'shoot first, ask questions later' attacks on IRA terrorists for the British Army Former British soldier says unit carried out secret campaign against the IRASays controversial shootings were carried out by the Military Reaction ForceHis accounts are being studied by Historical Enquiries Team | UPDATED: 22:27 GMT, 22 December 2012 A former British soldier who belonged to an undercover unit in Northern Ireland has claimed he and his colleagues resorted to ‘murder and mayhem’ during a secret campaign against the IRA. Simon Cursey was a member of a 30-man team which would ‘shoot first and ask questions later’

Summer North: Cleveland schoolgirl has her Christmas wish granted when she is reunited with her father

Santa strikes early: Schoolgirl, 4, visiting grotto sees her wish come true as returning soldier father miraculously appears All Summer North wanted for Christmas was to see her soldier father Corporal Darren North, 27, surprised her as she visited Santa's grotto | UPDATED: 19:23 GMT, 17 December 2012 A schoolgirl who wished for her soldier father to come home for Christmas saw her dream come true when he surprised her at Santa's grotto. Summer North, four, told Father Christmas she missed her father Darren, who has been serving with the 2 Yorkshire Regiment in Cyprus since October. Santa then asked her 'Who is this' and Corporal North, 27, walked into the grotto to the astonishment of his elder daughter, who flew into his arms.

Amazing tale of WWII pilot"s encounter with German flying ace who saluted an American plane and let them fly safely instead of shooting them down

Amazing tale of WWII pilot's encounter with German flying ace who saluted an American plane and let them fly safely instead of shooting them down | UPDATED: 18:25 GMT, 9 December 2012 An American bomber pilot was fighting for his life and they lives of his six wounded crew members when he tried desperately to keep the plane from nose-diving into German territory during World War II. Adding to his concerns, 2nd Lt. Brown feared a new threat when he spotted a German plane directly next to his plane, so close that the German pilot was looking him directly in the eyes and making big gestures with his hands that only scared Brown more.