So much for this Olympic legacy: Fury at muddy state of park used for equestrian events that is still closed to public six months on

So much for this Olympic legacy: Fury at muddy state of park used for equestrian events that is still closed to public six months on Around 45 acres of Greenwich Park remain a muddy quagmireThey are not likely to be reopened to the public until the summer Locog blamed for not re-laying grass before the onset of Winter | UPDATED: 23:35 GMT, 26 December 2012 Olympic organsiers have come under fire over the condition of site used for the temporary equestrian centre, which remains a muddy quagmire and closed to the public six months after the end of the games. Queen's field in Greenwich Park was transformed into a spectacular venue for the equestrian events which saw thousands of spectators cheering Team GB's Olympic and Paralympic teams to victory

Rare "rainbow clouds" shimmer in the night sky over Scotland in these astonishingly beautiful pictures

Shepherd's delight: Rainbow coloured 'mother-of-pearl' clouds shimmering in the night sky over Scotland Unusual formation spotted over the Outer Hebrides just before sunriseMethane reacts with ozone in the atmosphere to create the dazzling display | UPDATED: 10:13 GMT, 17 December 2012 These breathtaking images show an extremely rare, multi-coloured cloud hovering over a Scottish island at night. The dazzling sight appeared over the island of Scalpay, in the Outer Hebrides, just before sunrise on December 9. Amateur photographer Jez Wheeler was lucky enough to be in the right place to capture the perfect shots of the cloud, known as a 'mother-of-pearl' or Nacreous cloud

Pictured: Incredible "tsunami" of clouds roll over mountain top to engulf city

Pictured: Incredible 'tsunami' of clouds roll over mountain top to engulf city | UPDATED: 17:28 GMT, 16 December 2012 This is the dramatic moment a city in Switzerland looks like it is about to be engulfed by a giant tsunami – although the apparent tidal wave is actually just thick clouds rolling in over a mountain range. As thousands of people went about their everyday business in Geneva, behind them a mammoth tsunami appeared to be about to tear through the city. But the spectacular scene was really just an optical illusion caused by clouds sweeping across the Saleve mountain range, which overlooks the city, on December 5 this year.

Christmas cul-de-sac where the festive light displays are so big they drain the power grid

The cul-de-sac that's just too Christmassy: Residents put up so many festive light displays they're a drain on the power gridDorset cul-de-sac has been branded 'Britain's most festive street'Astonishing light display attracts thousand of sightseers from miles awayRunton Road uses so much electricity at night it hits the local gridEach household pays roughly an extra 50 to run the incredible display | UPDATED: 17:23 GMT, 13 December 2012 It started out as a bit of friendly rivalry between two neighbours at Christmas time. But the festive competition of putting up Christmas lights outside the two homes led to a ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ response from the rest of the Dorset cul-de-sac


Welcome to Kabul: Panoramic postcards from the war-torn city circled by mountains (and some of them make you want to visit) | UPDATED: 21:11 GMT, 12 December 2012 Kabul, the war-torn capital of Afghanistan, is not a city for the faint-hearted, and few tourists venture there. Years of war since it was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1979 to the present day have ravaged the city's sprawling neighbourhoods that are now home to 3.2 million people. But as these spectacular picture postcard snaps show, the world's fifth fastest growing metropolis, which stands wedged between the Hindu Kush mountains and the Kabul River, is still as stunning as ever.

Black Dog : Danny"s dad is off message

Danny's dad is off message | UPDATED: 02:12 GMT, 9 December 2012 Ed Ball's spectacular failure to lay a glove on George Osborne during their Autumn Statement shoot-out was watched from the Commons public gallery by one Di Alexander – proud father of Liberal Democrat Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander. As the Shadow Chancellor floundered, Alexander Snr reached for his mobile phone and texted his ginger-haired son as follows: ‘God, the Opposition are weak. You should be getting a much harder ride.’ Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Coalition’s financial management, was it Shadow chancellor Ed Balls was criticised by Di Alexander for his performance in the Commons All those intimate, cringe-making text messages between David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks have cost more than just extreme embarrassment for the Prime Minister.