Strictly come prancing! It"s Britain"s one and only horse ballet school brought back to life after 300 years

Strictly come prancing! It's Britain's one and only horse ballet school brought back to life after 300 years Haute ecole not been seen in Britain since the reign of Charles II and discipline became popular in France and SpainSpanish Andalusian horses thought to be the only breed with physical strength and intelligence to master it Olympics where Team GB won a total of five medals. Charlotte Dujardin mesmerised the nation with her performances of routines on her horse Valegro, winning gold in the team dressage and individual dressage events. Her sequence featuring Land of Hope and Glory, The Great Escape and the chimes of Big Ben proved a big hit with the judges and raised the profile of dressage as a sport among the British people

Tally GO! 250,000 turn out for Boxing Day hunts as government say there are no plans to vote on repealing the ban

We can't win voted to end foxhunting, admit Tories as 250,000 supporters turn out in show of strength for Boxing Day hunts Countryside Alliance claims 250,000 people have turned out across Britain Hunts follow a pre-laid scent trail to avoid cruelty to animals Environment Secretary says no imminent prospect of parliamentary voteBan on hunting with dogs was passed under Labour in 2005Air ambulance rescue after woman is kicked by horse in Lancashire | UPDATED: 07:35 GMT, 27 December 2012 Thousands of supporters braved the wind and rain yesterday to provide a massive show of strength for Boxing Day hunts. More than 250,000 turned out to celebrate one of the highlights of the countryside calendar in the face of growing anger over the hunting ban

Can you get up off the floor without using your hands? If not you could be heading for an early grave

Stand up with no hands to live longer: Why you could be heading for an early grave if you can't get off the floor without using your hands Simple test asked 50 to 80-year-olds to sit on the floor and stand up with as little support as possibleAdults who needed to use a number of aids such as their hands and knees were six times more likely to die than those who didn't | UPDATED: 01:26 GMT, 14 December 2012 If getting up from a game of Scrabble on the floor this Christmas requires both hands, a lot of sighing and a helpful tug from a grandchild, beware. For the gloomy message from scientists is that you may not live as long as your flexible counterparts. Those who can sit down and get up using only one hand – or no hands at all – are likely to live for longer, a study found

Amazing Christmas lights that take a month to put up illuminate suburban street

It's a cracker: Incredible 100,000 festive light display which takes electrician ONE MONTH to build Stunning festive display in Melksham, Wilts, takes a month to put up and costs 30,000 | UPDATED: 01:57 GMT, 10 December 2012 Alex Goodhind was so determined his Christmas decorations would be the best ever this year, he took more than four weeks off work to prepare them. And with more than 180,000 bulbs, a searchlight that can be seen for almost four miles and an estimated 1,000 electricity bill for the month, he certainly didn’t disappoint. Indeed, his neighbours say you can see this extraordinary collection from space