Danny Boyle on turning down a knighthood and how he persuaded the Queen to join in the Olympic fun

'I almost quit Olympics over rooftop missiles': Danny Boyle's outrage over decision to mount weapons on East London towerblocks and how he persuaded the Queen to join in the fun , he was most famous for directing Ewan McGregor as a heroin addict in Trainspotting and for Slumdog Millionaire winning eight Oscars. After the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, though, the people of Britain unanimously awarded him a gold medal. In this, his first major interview since those heady days last summer when he made us proud to be British, Boyle reveals how he turned down a knighthood and how close he was to walking away from the opening ceremony

How 95 per cent of parents are stumped by sums for eight-year-olds

Are you smarter than your eight-year-old How 95% of parents are stumped by sums for their kidsOnly one in 20 can do maths intended for junior school age pupilsParents scared of confusing their children because methods have changedGovernment will reinstate tried-and-tested techniques to the curriculum By Laura Clark, Education Correspondent PUBLISHED: 01:19 GMT, 24 January 2013 | UPDATED: 01:43 GMT, 24 January 2013 Just one in 20 parents are able to do maths intended for children aged eight to 12 amid confusion over new-fangled methods of teaching the subject. Only 5 per cent of 2,000 volunteers correctly answered ten questions which tested maths typically taught to junior school pupils. Nearly two-thirds of the parents who took part said they were reluctant to get involved with maths homework for fear of confusing their children due to new methods used to teach the subject

Boarding school teacher three times the drink-drive limit said she didn"t know there were spirits in mulled wine… despite being the…

Boarding school teacher three times the drink-drive limit claimed she had just two glasses of mulled wine… without realising it had spirits in it Sarah Ramoth, 41, also blamed failed breath test on accidentally swallowing mouthwashThe head of chemistry is now having a report compiled on her claims | UPDATED: 16:54 GMT, 13 December 2012 'Two glasses': Sarah Ramoth, 41, told Harrogate Magistrates Court she was over the limit because she hadn't known her mulled wine had spirits in it A chemistry teacher who was almost three times the drink-drive limit today blamed two glasses of mulled wine and mouthwash for her high reading. Sarah Ramoth, 41, head of chemistry at upmarket independent school Harrogate Ladies' College, told the court that her mulled wine had turned out to have spirits in it