Pensioner David Pattrick, 69, died in hospital toilet after gall bladder operation

Pensioner, 69, died in hospital toilet after gall bladder operation 'because NHS targets led to confusion over who was treating him' David Pattrick, 69, found dead, face down in vomit and faeces, in cubicleWent to Colchester General Hospital in Essex for operation in Dec. 2010Professor Roger Motson blames NHS pool list for 'breeding uncertainty' By Mark Duell PUBLISHED: 14:41 GMT, 21 February 2013 | UPDATED: 15:57 GMT, 21 February 2013 Inquest: David Pattrick (pictured with his wife Susan, 64, in Canada in June 2004) was found dead, face down in vomit and faeces, in a toilet cubicle A patient died because of the confusion caused by NHS targets, an inquest heard. David Pattrick, 69, was found dead, face down in vomit and faeces, in a toilet cubicle in Colchester General Hospital in Essex in December 2010, two days after a gall bladder operation

60 "drug crazed" teenagers trash 3 bedroom home after sleepover

Mother's dismay as 60 'drug-crazed' teenagers trash home after girls' pizza-and-movie sleepover for three spirals out of controlSam Mabbott's daughter, 16, invited two friends over for a 'girls' night in'Night descended into chaos when word spread around their collegeYobs urinated on bedding and smashed holes in ceilings causing 20,000 of damageDrugs were also found in the rented house | UPDATED: 22:23 GMT, 20 December 2012 Dozens of drug-crazed vandals trashed a house when they gatecrashed a teenage girl's sleepover – intended for just two close friends. Sixteen-year-old Amey Holmes-Evans, had invited friends over for a 'girls' night in' complete with pizza and a film to celebrate one of them turning 17

Norovirus "plague ship" returns home as sick passengers tell of being "treated like animals"… and liner will still set sail…

Plague ship passengers return home to describe hell of 'vomit-strewn corridors' and how the sick were 'treated like animals' – but Oriana sets off on new cruise TONIGHTAround 300 passengers were struck down with the bug on P&O's Oriana Parts of the ship were closed off to stop the virus spreading any fasterSick passengers 'couldn't get off at ports' and ship ran low on toilet roll Couples who paid up to 1,429 for Christmas trip called it a 'nightmare'Captain even 'admitted the vessel couldn't cope' at height of the epidemicPassengers return to Southampton today but ship will leave again at 8pmBoarding passengers confident they won't be at risk of catching virus | UPDATED: 18:37 GMT, 14 December 2012 Furious passengers today spoke out about their 'holiday from hell' on the 'plague ship' as they stumbled ashore today after a 10-day cruise ruined by an unprecedented outbreak of norovirus. Holidaymakers demanded refunds as they disembarked in Southampton, Hampshire – but shockingly, the P&O ship was preparing to take to the seas again within hours, at 8pm this evening. Passengers are expected to start checking in from 3pm for a 23-night trip to Portugal, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Israel, Greece and Sicily.

Liam Ridgewell: Premier League footballer pictured "wiping his bottom" with 20 notes

Premier League footballer on 20,000 a week pictured 'wiping his bottom' with 20 notesLiam Ridgewell was seen squatting over toilet in his 1.5million homeThe 28-year-old had around 1,000 in notes scattered around himHe earns as much in a week as the average West Midlander does in a yearRidgewell last night apologised for what was meant to be a private joke Angry fans labelled the defender 'arrogant' and 'idiotic' | UPDATED: 15:07 GMT, 3 December 2012 A picture of Premier League footballer Liam Ridgewell wiping his backside with a wad of 20 notes has infuriated fans. The West Brom defender was photographed squatting over the toilet in the bathroom of his 1.5million home in Barnt Green, Birmingham, with his trousers down.

The germ-phobic neat freaks who compulsively clean for ten hours a day

From bleaching fruit to scrubbing strangers' bathrooms: The germ-phobic neat freaks who compulsively clean for ten hours a day | UPDATED: 22:51 GMT, 29 November 2012 Do you wipe down your keyboard five times a day Bleach your fruit Disinfect your phone You may be a neat freak, but at least you're not alone. A new TLC special, Neat Freaks, chronicles the weirdest and wackiest sanitation habits that seem perfectly normal to many clean-obsessed people. The one-hour show features Alfreta, a woman who not only cleans her own bathroom, but all the public bathrooms, and strangers’ houses she visits as well.