Fast Eddie Maher: Double life of fugitive who spent 20 years on the run in the U.S. working as a cable engineer after stealing 1.2m from Securicor van

Securicor driver 'Fast' Eddie Maher who went on run in U.S. for 20 years after stealing 1.2m from his van in Suffolk is jailed for just FIVE YEARS Maher, 57, made off with Securicor van outside bank in Felixstowe in 1993Loaded 30 sacks of cash into a getaway vehicle before flying to America Lived in U.S. under false identities of Stephen King and his brother MichaelBuilt new life with partner, Deborah Brett, and their son Lee, who was three at time of heistBought house in Colorado with $120k in cash just six months after the theftArrested in February last year after his daughter-in-law called the policeDenied charge after being deported, but entered last-minute plea today By Simon Tomlinson PUBLISHED: 10:40 GMT, 5 March 2013 | UPDATED: 13:52 GMT, 5 March 2013 A British man who spent almost 20 years as a fugitive in the U.S

Millionaire businessman ordered to remove Islamic slogan from side of his luxury home because council claims it"s "advertising"

Millionaire businessman ordered to remove Islamic saying from side of his luxury home because council claim it's 'advertising'Message reads: 'There is no god, but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger'Planners claim the 2ft-high lettering is like McDonald's advertising hoardingMahmood Ali, 54, now faces a legal battle after appealing planning decisionHe said: 'The message is simply there to bless the house.

"Honeytrap" mother Zoey Tomlinson, 18, lured text pest man to house on promise of "joining her in the bath"

'Honeytrap' mother, 18, lured text pest man to house on promise of 'joining her in the bath' where he was beaten up by thugs Zoey Tomlinson, 18, of Manchester, was annoyed by man's text messagesMother told him she was in bath and answered front door in her pyjamasBut he was beaten up inside by her friends, who have all been imprisonedAttack took place while her daughter, 2, slept – but woman was spared jail | UPDATED: 12:23 GMT, 14 December 2012 Avoids jail: Zoey Tomlinson, 18, of Manchester, was annoyed by the 20-year-old man's text messages A teen mother laid a honeytrap for a man trying to woo her by saying she was having a bath at home before letting him in – where he was subjected to an attack by thugs, a court heard. Zoey Tomlinson, 18, of Gorton, Manchester, was annoyed by the 20-year-old man's text messages and asked friends to warn him off – but the thugs went too far, Manchester Crown Court was told

Britain begins the clean up operation after devastating floods as Environment Agency issues another 350 alerts for areas at risk

Families flee condemned terraced houses after flooding causes landslide as Britain begins huge clean-up operationSeven homes in Whitby will be demolished over the next 48 hours after gardens fell away threatening foundationsResidents given just 48 hours to move essential items out of their housesNumber of flood warnings across the rest of the country expected to fall throughout todayEnvironment Agency: 'We are over the worst in terms of flooding'Pumps continue to remove water from behind St Asaph flood defences Dry weather expected throughout today across the UKLocalised flooding expected along Trent, Severn and Thames rivers | UPDATED: 11:33 GMT, 28 November 2012 Seven houses will be demolished within two days after the ground beneath them disappeared when raging torrents of water caused a massive landslide. The 150-year-old row of terraced houses in Whitby, North Yorkshire, will have to be torn down after their gardens became saturated by rainfall and slipped away last night. However, despite being given two days notice residents have been told only to take essential items and the rest of their property will go with the houses.