Primary school where ALL 440 pupils speak English as a second language receives glowing Ofsted report

British primary school where every single pupil is 'foreign' and speaks English as a second language (but it still received a glowing report from Ofsted) Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough most multi-cultural in BritainBut language barrier hasn't stopped major improvement in standards census of 1,600 schools, it was found English-speaking children are now in a minority, with the figures particularly startling in the 14 inner London boroughs, where there were 98,000 non-native English speakers compared to 78,000 who could list the language as their number one. Nationwide, there were 97 schools where the number of pupils speaking English as a mother tongue was fewer than one in 20 of the school population. After London, Birmingham had the highest concentration of 'foreign' pupils, followed by Bradford and then Leicester

Englishman, 81, who was evacuated to Wales during the war awakes from massive stroke speaking fluent WELSH

Englishman woke from coma after massive stroke to find he could only speak WELSHAlun Morgan evacuated to Wales as child, but never picked up native tongueDiagnosed with aphasia, which causes shift in the brain's language centre | UPDATED: 01:40 GMT, 28 December 2012 An English man woke from a stroke to discover that the only language he could speak was Welsh. Alun Morgan, 81, was forced to re-learn his native tongue, despite the fact that he had never been able to speak fluent Welsh. Indeed, he wasn’t entirely confident with his newfound talent and used a Welsh dictionary to make sure he was speaking it correctly

And you thought your Christmas was dull… More than 1,500 people spend Christmas Day filling out their online tax returns

How dull must your Christmas Day be if you'd rather fill out an online tax return Maybe ask one of the 1,500 people who did | UPDATED: 18:13 GMT, 27 December 2012 While most of us spent Christmas Day enjoying good food and a well-earned break with family, some Britons were not so lucky. More than 1,500 broke off festivities on Tuesday to fill out their tax returns – an increase of 40 per cent on last year. And Christmas Day was not the only day to be filled with onerous duties, as thousands knuckled down to do their taxes on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day too

Is this the best Santa photo ever? Or is it simply a case of a little girl with a boo boo?

Was she naughty or nice Little girl strikes unintentionally hilarious pose as she shows Father Christmas (and the camera) a cut on her middle finger | UPDATED: 19:14 GMT, 26 December 2012 Could this be the naughtiest little girl ever to meet Santa Claus or is it just a case of a child with a cut finger Regardless, the picture has become an internet sensation with some dubbing the young girl flipping the finger as the 'best Santa photo ever'. The cringing reaction of her similarly dressed sister suggests that the stern-faced girl may be indeed be reacting badly to a suggestion from the photographer or Santa – adding to the picture's humor.

Is sorry the hardest word to say? No its phenomenon: Poll reveals top 10 tongue-twisters

Is sorry the hardest word to say No it’s phenomenon: Poll reveals top 10 tongue-twisters | UPDATED: 01:18 GMT, 22 December 2012 Many have said that sorry is the hardest word but they'd be wrong, linguistically speaking at least. According to a poll, the word we find hardest to pronounce is 'phenomenon'. Next in the top 10 of tongue-twisters are 'remuneration, and 'statistics'.

Hilarious hoax video of rude signs hidden in Brighton"s Christmas lights… but what would Santa say!

What would Santa say! Hilarious hoax video of rude images and angry messages hidden in city's Christmas lights Footage from Brighton city centre appears to show images of lewd actsBut satirical website was responsible for putting together creative spoofGroup of local businesses put lights up every Christmas at cost of 100k | UPDATED: 21:46 GMT, 13 December 2012 This is the hilarious video showing rude images and angry messages hidden in a city’s Christmas lights that has gone viral online. But it turns out that the footage of Brighton city centre – which appears to show pictures of lewd acts and messages such as ‘I Hate My Job’ – is a creative spoof posted by satirical website The Poke

Little girl whose TONGUE wouldn"t stop growing – and nearly suffocated her – can smile again thanks to surgery

Remarkable story of little girl whose TONGUE wouldn't stop growing – but now she can smile thanks to surgeryOlivia, now two, was born with syndrome that caused accelerated growth of her tongue. Doctors first noticed something amiss during a 4D scan The condition left her unable to eat or talk and she needed a tracheotomy to help her breathe It is now under control after three rounds of surgery and her parents say she is always smiling and is catching up with her peers | UPDATED: 23:19 GMT, 10 December 2012 A toddler born with a condition that meant her tongue wouldn't stop growing can now smile for the first time, thanks to surgery. Baby Olivia Gillies nearly suffocated because her tongue suffered 'accelerated growth' – caused by Beckwiths Wiedemann Syndrome

Schoolboy hours from death after swallowing magnetic tongue studs designed to look like a piercing

Schoolboy nearly died after swallowing magnetic tongue studs designed to look like a piercing Magnets are designed to sit on either side of the tongue to hold stud in place Michael Delaney needed surgery after accidentally swallowing them Magnets ripped through his intestines and acid damaged his bowelTeenager was four hours from death when he had life-saving surgery | UPDATED: 23:35 GMT, 10 December 2012 Michael Delaney was forced to undergo major surgery after swallowing his magnetic tongue studs A fashion craze almost cost a teenage boy his life after he swallowed the magnetic tongue studs he was wearing.

Already find MPs hard to understand? Some have now signed up for Cornish lessons in bid to attract more

Already find MPs hard to understand Some have now signed up for Cornish lessons in bid to attract more speakers of ancient tongue to Parliament | UPDATED: 00:26 GMT, 9 December 2012 The lessons have been arranged by North Cornwall Lib Dem MP Dan Rogerson, who recently failed in an attempt to have Commons leaflets for tourists printed in the ancient Celtic tongue Have you ever felt that MPs speak a different language from the rest of us Well, now some of them are. A number of politicians have signed up for free lessons in Cornish – or, as they say west of the Tamar, Kernowek.

Comrades in Great Game of posing and pocket-filling

Comrades in Great Game of posing and pocket-filling | UPDATED: 22:42 GMT, 28 November 2012 AS watery sun rises on the day MPs will condemn free speech – to be taken from this place and tortured by wigged scriveners until its neck is broken and the body quite cold – you will, I hope, excuse a diseased squint at our false, thieving Commons. There may not be long left when one can publish such views without being pushed behind iron bars by Leveson clones.