Courage only a mother could have: The brave story of a woman with rare disease who will not see next Christmas

Courage only a mother could have: The brave story of a woman with rare disease who may not see next ChristmasSam Crawford, 38, faces a grim and uncertain future due to the ravages of MSA, a rare neurological diseaseThe mother-of-one's bodily function are deteriorating rapidly, including her voiceSam is the youngest person in the UK to be diagnosed with MSA Her teenage daughter has vowed to fundraise tirelessly to try and spare another family her painThe pair have chronicled their experiences in a heart-rending blog | UPDATED: 22:44 GMT, 25 December 2012 Love: Multiple System Atrophy sufferer Sam Crawford with her 16-year-old daughter Rhanna Sam Crawford admits she went ‘a bit nuts’ on the Christmas decorations this year. ‘Andy’s not amused,’ she says, throwing a glance at her husband who is doing that traditional man thing of rolling his eyes and muttering about the cost. ‘But I keep telling him we can use them all next year, if I’m around.

86-year-old afraid of being burgled is mugged on way home from casino carrying 6,000 life savings and 1,000 winnings

Pensioner, 86, mugged of 6,000 life savings and 1,000 casino windfall after carrying cash in fear of being burgled She lost 6,000 life savings and 1,000 casino winningsAfraid of burglary at Christmas so kept money on her digg] | UPDATED: 10:25 GMT, 24 December 2012 Genting Casino, Salford, where the 86-year-old victim had won 1,000 before being mugged on way home A pensioner who carried around her 6,000 in life savings because she was afraid of being burgled was mugged on the way home from a casino. The 86-year-old woman's bag, containing about 7,000, was snatched at 2.35am shortly after she got out of a taxi on her way home from Genting Salford Casino, Greater Manchester Police said. Along with her life savings, she was also robbed of her 1,000 winnings by the suspect, described as a young man, about 5ft 4ins and skinny

Drug-smuggling British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford escapes firing squad but still faces 15 years in Bali jail

Drug-smuggling British grandmother escapes firing squad but still faces 15 years in Bali jail… as another member of 'gang' finds out she'll be home by April Lindsay Sandiford, 56, was stopped with cocaine worth 1.6m in suitcaseProsecutor will ask for 15 years jail despite mandatory death sentence She is among four Britons accused of smuggling the drugs from Thailand Julian Ponder, of Brighton, is facing prison or death in trial set for JanuaryRachel Dougall, 39, jailed for one year and and Paul Beales, 39, for four | UPDATED: 07:51 GMT, 21 December 2012 A British grandmother has avoided the death penalty – but faces 15 years in a Bali jail for drug-running