Tory curbs on benefits will deter Romanian migrants from coming to Britain

Romanian crime is a problem in Britain admits their own PM as BBC immigration poll shows hundreds of thousands DO plan to come here when restrictions are liftedBBC Newsnight poll found one in 12 Romanians would consider the UK Also found 13.6 per cent of Bulgarians may come here this year or next Many have started looking for work and a place to live, survey says But Ukip says story is 'more shocking than BBC's headline suggest' By Steve Doughty, Jack Doyle and Tamara Cohen PUBLISHED: 00:34 GMT, 22 April 2013 | UPDATED: 01:51 GMT, 23 April 2013 The prime minister of Romania has admitted there is a problem with citizens of his country coming to Britain and committing crimes. Victor Ponta said Roma gypsies, in particular, posed a 'huge challenge' to law enforcement by begging and stealing mobile phones

Living up to its name! Video of family crying after seeing Les Misrables becomes internet sensation

Living up to its name! Hysterical video shows parents sobbing after family trip to watch Les Misrables | UPDATED: 09:34 GMT, 1 January 2013 With a title like Les Misrables, it doesn't exactly promise to be a laugh-a-minute movie. And one family from New York has shown just how miserable the musical film is, as they sob loudly in a video taken after they left the cinema.