Their beauty must be on the inside! Some of the worlds most miserable looking cats enter competition to find most attractive feline (though at least…

Their beauty must be on the inside! Some of the world’s most miserable looking cats enter competition to find most attractive feline (though at least one of them was adorable!) More than 200 cats entered international feline beauty competition Not all of the competitors were beautiful in the conventional senseDespite being hairless and wrinkly many Sphynx cats tried their luck By Olivia Williams PUBLISHED: 17:58 GMT, 6 April 2013 | UPDATED: 18:33 GMT, 6 April 2013 Most people would recoil at a wide-eyed hairless cat with enormous ears, but these owners at a Romanian cat show could not be prouder of their pets. Of all the hopefuls at the international feline beauty competition in Romania on Saturday, the most unfortunate-looking breed were the Canadian Sphynx cats but their owners still thought they were in with a winning chance.

Almost 200 BBC executives given pay-offs of more than 100,000 EACH in just three years

BBC to be investigated by watchdog over revelations that 200 executives received pay-offs of 100,000 EACH in just three years A total of 14 senior managers pocketed more than 300,000 eachHighest individual payment was 949,000 to Mark Byford MPs said losing a well-paid job at BBC is like 'winning the lottery' By Simon Cable PUBLISHED: 05:04 GMT, 26 December 2012 | UPDATED: 01:13 GMT, 27 December 2012 The BBC is to be investigated by the National Audit Office after it emerged that almost 200 of the corporation’s managers have been handed payoffs of 100,000 each in the past three years. The watchdog is to examine the scale of severance packages in the New Year after MPs recently claimed that losing a job at the BBC was like ‘winning the lottery’. The move comes after it was revealed that the BBC’s former Director General, George Entwistle, received a 450,000 exit package when he left the job last month – double what he was entitled to

Sports Personality of the Year 2012: Kate Middleton presents award to Bradley Wiggins

Glorious in green: Kate puts a tough few weeks behind her as she presents Sports Personality of the Year award The Duchess of Cambridge presents Bradley Wiggins with the Sports Personality of the Year trophyKate also hands London 2012 chief Lord Coe with the Lifetime Achievement awardSmile shows she is trying hard to put a difficult time of late behind herLondon 2012 heptathlon gold medallist Jessica Ennis gets runners-up trophy, with Team GB gold-winning tennis star Andy Murray third | UPDATED: 10:53 GMT, 17 December 2012 She was a passionate and dedicated cheerleader for our athletes during this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics. And it seems nothing would stop the Duchess of Cambridge continuing that role last night – not even the crippling form of morning sickness that has plagued her for the last two weeks.

How a man"s smile can make a woman do his bidding – the new research that will make both sexes laugh

How a man's smile can make a woman do his bidding – the new research that will make both sexes laugh Academics find women are more likely to obey male colleagues if they flash a winning smile | UPDATED: 01:58 GMT, 29 November 2012 It's a scientific study sure to make women laugh and men shake their heads in disbelief.

Tens of thousands of bogus British companies run by sham directors cheat the tax system out of millions with "aggressive evasion" practices

Exposed: The brokers cheating the tax system by helping to set up tens of thousands of bogus British companiesMore than 20,000 companies being run by only a few dozen people, BBC Panorama findsIndividuals are being paid to front businesses in tax havens they have nothing to do with – an illegal act in the UKProbe films brokers admitting more chance of winning the lottery than being caught by HMRCAnother man says about tax evasion 'we wouldn't give a monkeys' | UPDATED: 16:57 GMT, 26 November 2012 A web of tens of thousands of bogus companies set up in Britain and fronted by sham directors dotted around the globe is helping aggressive tax evaders and criminals keep millions, an investigation revealed today. An undercover BBC probe has exposed the illegal scam after they secretly filmed brokers bragging they had more chance of 'winning the lottery' than being caught by HM Revenue and Customs. Tonight's Panorama lays bare a network of at least 21,000 of these companies, headed by just a few dozen puppet managers in various obscure countries who are paid just to front the tax fiddle.