Christmas 2012: British families stranded in Lapland as dream trip turns to nightmare

British families stranded in Lapland as dream trip turns to nightmare when return flight is cancelled due to engine problemsMore than 200 passengers stranded for four hours on planeFamily tell how 1,700 Christmas dream holiday turned into 'disaster'Passengers left to queue in the 30 degree chill to see Santa | UPDATED: 10:06 GMT, 24 December 2012 Hundreds of Brits on a day-trip to Lapland today feared they would not get home for Christmas after their return flight was cancelled. The fed-up tourists were this afternoon waiting to find out when they would be flown home – nearly a whole day after their plane was due to take off.

UK floods wreak havoc on houses thought to be protected by state of the art 1.7million flood defences

Deluged homeowners' fury at failure of 1.7m state-of-the-art defences which they celebrated with an 'end of flooding party' Distressed families said they were unprepared for flooding because they had been told the pumps would protect themValued possessions were washed away and villagers evacuatedA baby and a 90-year-old were rescued from their houses by boatWater rose four feet in just half an hour after electrical fault Parts of Britain experienced worst floods in 70 years | UPDATED: 13:42 GMT, 26 November 2012 Homeowners were today trying to repair the damage to their homes after a 1.7milllion flood defence system failed during torrential rain this weekend.